How Do Reed Diffusers Work

marmalade reed diffuser
If you’ve ever spent time in a gift shop, chances are that you’ve walked past an elaborate display of candles and reed diffusers, pulling you in with their perfume. 
So, have you ever approached this arrangement and wondered what a diffuser actually is or how it smells so good?
You’re not alone. Candles are a bit more common and pretty obvious in nature. (A burning wick causes scented wax to melt which fills the air and so forth). 
marmalade candles and diffuser
Reed diffusers, on the other hand, look a little like a strange science project or the result of some old-fashioned arts and crafts: Thin pieces of wood stuck into a tiny glass bottle filled with mystery liquid. 
Well, these thin “pieces of wood” are actually the reeds, and they are placed into a small glass of scented oil. The oil in the bottle is usually a blend of one everyday oil (say fractionated coconut oil) along with one or more fragrant essential oils. When the reeds are put into the tiny bottle, the oil runs up through them, over time, dispersing the smell of the mixture. 
michel design works diffuser
Reed diffusers are small, but mighty, and ideal for spaces like bathrooms, entryways, and living rooms. The more reeds that you put into them, the more fragrance is emitted. So, you may only need 5 reeds in a diffuser in the bathroom, but 8 or so in a family room-size setting. The reeds last months at a time and are easily replaced. The brand Marmalade has reed diffusers with about 8 reeds, and their scents are irresistible. Options like Pink Pepper & Plum and White Nectarine & Honey can transform the room. 
Reed diffusers are also an ideal choice for people who want to enjoy beautiful smells (aka a little afternoon aromatherapy), but are concerned about the fire hazard of or smoke produced by candles. 
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  • Michiko Seto