13 Brilliant Gift Basket Ideas You’ll Want to Try

 Gift basket
There’s something about receiving a gift basket that’s so exciting! While the typical present is a one-and-done type of deal, gift baskets offer the opportunity to unwrap a seemingly endless stream of surprises. They are a bundle of fun that seems like a grander gesture than something packaged in one box. Gift baskets also give the gift giver a wonderful chance to be creative. Making your own gift basket for someone can incorporate a lot of imagination and allow for the most personal, heartfelt, tailored gifting experience.
At Bayside and Lewes Gifts, we’ll take any of the items you like in-store and put them together in a beautiful basket for just $5! Go crazy with this program or on your own, and try these brilliant gift basket ideas.
1. Baker’s Basket
Know a baker extraordinaire? Give the gift of baking bliss with a basket full of the necessities. You can full up this gift basket with aprons, adorable kitchen utensils (like the ones from Krumbs), Mud Pie baking dishes with hilarious puns on them, recipe books, and more! There’s no limit to the possibilities. There are new fun baking gadgets coming out all the time that you could incorporate and everyone loves accessories like chef hats.
2. Grillmaster Basket
Bring on the bourbon maple glaze! Your grilling feign can enjoy the best sauces, spatulas, and seasonings courtesy of this big basket. Quality knives, plates, and grilling-themed T-shirts also make awesome additions.
3. Bartending Basket
You don’t have to be a master bartender to enjoy this basket, you just have to be over 21. Gourmet du Village has an insane selection of drink mixes you can load up into this package. Put in an assortment of mojito, margarita, sangria mixes, and, of course, the drinkware to enjoy it in. If the person you are shopping for is more of a wine enthusiast, opt for fun, hand-painted wine glasses from Lolita, bottle holders, and coasters. Drinks on Me coasters are printed with really funny sayings that everyone loves.
4. Birthday Basket
Birthdays are big at any age, so celebrate with a themed gift basket. Fill this one with chocolates, truffles, birthday-themed glasses, cake mixes, and a funny card. You can slightly change this gift basket to the person of the day by adding things you know they’ll enjoy. If they are obsessed with gummies, trade out the truffles for a bag of them instead. It’s also easy to adjust this gift basket based on your budget.
5. Engagement Basket
Say, “I do,” to all of the wedding-themed gifts in this one. There are “Mr. & Mrs.” glasses, coasters, photo albums, and way more. Find blank books for the couple to fill with their happiest memories or all of your best wishes for the pair.
6. Parent Basket
Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or someone is about to pop, you can celebrate the special parent in your life with a gift basket. Mom and Dad-themed gifts are very easy to find, from wine glasses for mom to dad-themed cocktail supplies. Photo albums also work very well for this gift too, as do mugs saying “Mom” or “Dad.”
7. Bodycare Basket
Whisk someone away to a spa without the crazy cost. Fill a gift basket with high quality skin and bodycare products to give your friend or family member the same skin-enhancing results with a cost-effective home treatment. Lewes Gifts and Bayside Gifts have an unbelievable selection of creams, body butters, and soaps perfect for this one. Beekman 1802’s Ph-balanced goat’s milk is irresistibly soothing, while Inis is infused with revitalizing sea minerals. Michel Design Works is just as effective as it is beautiful with shea butter inside and eye-catching patterns on the packaging.
8. Candle Basket
Who doesn’t love a candle? They smell wonderful, look beautiful, and add a homier feel to any space. Go crazy mixing scents and brands to appeal to the candle-crazed person in your life. Homesick candles are known for bringing about some nostalgia with their scents and names. “Birthday Party” smells like cake, while “Thank You, Mom” smells like flowers. Spiral candles are also really cool because the wick twirls around the rim of the candle in a way that’s totally novel. Know someone bothered by scents? Flatyz is a new product that’s unscented and provides the soothing light of a small candle. They have gorgeous patterns on them like greeting cards and come with a little stand to keep them up.
9. Dessert Basket
abdallah chocolate
Chocoholics go crazy for this gift basket idea. Abdallah sea salt caramels are just the beginning. Add Gourmet du Village color-changing hot cocoas, hot cocoa bombs, delicious Northwest biscotti, raspberry linzers, Sweet Shop USA truffles, Popsations caramel corn, chocolate mug cakes, muffin mixes… We could seriously go ON and ON. There are so many deliciously decadent options to satisfy the sweet tooth every day of the year. You’ll have fun creating this gift basket, and might want to get extra to share.
10. Food Basket
Foodie friends are the best friends, and no one knows gourmet food quite like Lewes and Bayside Gifts. Fill up this gift basket with Blue Crab Bay Company mixes like Crab House Crunch, Gourmet du Village cheesy skillet mixes, Virginia Diner nuts, cookbooks, and hors d’oeuvre dishes.
11. Beach Town Basket
Lewes Mug
Beach person at heart? Let your buddy keep it around all year long with sentimental Lewes-themed pieces of décor and kitchenware. There are Lewes signs made of Scrabble pieces, tea towels printed with a map of the Chesapeake area, mugs that say Lewes, and a whole lot more. Tiny pictures made of sea glass are a unique find any beach girl would love to add to her collection.
12. Barista Basket
Coffee addicts are going to love unbundling a gift basket packed with mugs, coffee syrups, beans, sugar caddies and more. Start with the essentials like a few great coffee blends from different roasters, then incorporate the stoneware and such. Coffee lovers also tend to love their biscotti and tea cookies, so feel free to toss in a few of those.
13. Brand Basket  
naked bee
It seems like everyone has a favorite brand. Honor this product essential by giving your friend a basket centered around their number one company. If they love Blue Crab Bay Co, stock them up on their go-to snacks like Crab House Crunch, Surf Doggies, and more. Maybe they make special trips for Naked Bee. Buy them an assortment of their iconic Orange Blossom Honey moisturizing hand and body lotions, lip balms, and sanitizers.
There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to building the gift basket of your dreams. You can add items from different places, brands, and themes to make your presents one-of-a-kind. Have fun with the process, and if you need any additional suggestions, just ask an in-store associate at Lewes Gifts or Bayside Gifts for help!

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