7 Sweets You'll Love for Halloween and Beyond

Abdallah Chocolates
October 14th is National Dessert Day, and, with Halloween right around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to celebrate sweets! Lewes Gifts and Bayside Gifts both have an excellent selection of desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. Enjoy them on either of these holidays or right now. Curious what they are?
Here are some Halloween sweets you'd die for:
1. Abdallah Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 
Abdallah chocolate
If you've ever been to Lewes Gifts, chances are, you've tasted these unreal treats. Smooth, sweet chocolate wrapped around a mouthwatering caramel could make anyone melt. These indulgent little chocolate bites are very well known amongst the regulars at the store and dubbed a favorite by just about every employee. For this reason, we often sample them out during special events and sell small packages of the treats that people can snack on whenever or wherever. 
2. Gourmet du Village Rainbow Dessert Dip Mix 
Gourmet du Village Dessert Mix
Feeling festive? Gourmet du Village is known for their mixes (drinks and others), so it's no surprise that they've tackled dessert using this party-perfect twist. The Rainbow Dessert Dip mix from Gourmet du Village is a fun take on sweets, giving people the opportunity to create a colorful and fun dish for themselves or a crowd. Make it as a satisfying snack for both kids or grownups and let the dipping begin. You can dip biscotti, shortbread, or any other cookie you like. It's just as exciting to eat as it is to make. 
3. Popsations Crabby Caramel Popcorn
crabby caramel
Sweet and salty are the match of the century, and, around these parts, we like our crab seasoning. Popsations popcorn takes a classic caramel corn that we love and tops it with a smokey, spicy Old Bay blend. The result is a savory, sweet bite of amazing that you won't be able to get enough of. There are plenty of caramel corns out there, but nothing quite like this.
4. Gourmet du Village Color-Changing Cocoa
Gourmet du Village color-changing cocoa
The cold-weather is just about here, and that means it's cocoa time. Who doesn't love bundling up with a warm cup of chocolate deliciousness on a frigid day? Well, this color-changing cocoa is another sweet success courtesy of Gourmet du Village. Come explore a seemingly-endless number of cocoas made all the more fun with color-changing capabilities! There's orange, banana, and even a pink unicorn-themed cocoa. Kids love these little drink mixes, and so do their parents. 
5. South Bend Chocolate Company Pumpkin Heads 
South Bend Chocolate Company Pumpkin Heads
Far more delicious than they sound, the South Bend Chocolate Company Pumpkin Heads are another wonderful blend of salty and sweet flavor. Taking another top spot in our list of favorite Lewes Gifts treats, these "pumpkin heads" are really just mouthwatering caramel popcorn, chocolate, and pumpkin flavor. They are both yummy and adorable, making them a perfect Halloween treat to serve at parties and more!
6. Blue Crab Bay Co Crab House Crunch
crab house crunch
This one really brings the heat, year-round! From the Blue Crab Bay Co in Virginia, this sweet is fabulously different. Crab House Crunch is made of sugary peanut squares, spiced up with the bay seasoning we all love. Because it comes in a convenient little can, you can take this dessert with you for trick-or-treating with the kids or grandkids. You could also serve it at your Halloween party for a coastal spin on the holiday.  
7. Red Rocker Candy Butter Crunch Cashew
Red Rocker Butter Crunch Cashew
All-new at Lewes Gifts, Red Rocker Candy Butter Crunch Cashew deserves some serious attention. Offering a short burst of sugar over irresistible cashew crisp, you won't want to share this treat with any of your company. Butter Crunch Cashew is made with only the best AA butter and you can taste the difference. White confection and chopped up cashews are just the finishing touch on this dessert to take it to another level.
While we really do love these treats from Lewes Gifts, there are still so many more to explore. This time of the year is all about sweets and, here at the store, so are we. Come see them all, and make your Halloween extra special with the help of some wonderful candies and more!


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  • Michiko Seto