3 Awesome End-of-Summer Drink Recipes from Designs by Lolita

Designs by Lolita glass
It's almost the end of the summer, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the best of this season's fun flavors with an island-style drink!
Designs by Lolita has a huge assortment of beautiful, hand-painted wine glasses with fun recipes located right on the bottom! Just think of it as the most exciting little surprise on a gift that's already crazy attractive! 
Three of these amazing recipes are beach-inspired and Lewes-loved. Just mix and drink! So enjoy, and remember that even as summer comes to a close, the glass can still totally be half full (or overflowing)!
Drinks From Designs by Lolita:
1. Sun on the Beach
sun on the beach wine glass
1 oz Vodka 
1oz Mango Liqueur 
2oz Pineapple Juice 
*Fill with sparkling wine.
The sun on the beach is calling your name, and it's time to run towards it. This fruity favorite is flavorful and fun with a taste that takes you right to a sun-soaking paradise. Pineapple juice and mango make this awesome concoction feel like something that should be enjoyed right out of a hollowed-out fruit. Add your favorite sparkling wine (hello Prosecco), and the drink becomes completely your own.
2. The Coastal 
coastal wine glass
1 1/2oz Coconut Rum 
1oz Lemon Lime Soda 
Splash of Cranberry Juice 
*Fill with white wine.
*Garnish with lime slice.
Let's just say, "you put a lime in the coconut and mix it all up." What more could you want from an island drink? A notable combo, lime and coconut make the Coastal a trip to Fiji for your taste buds. Add the white wine of your choosing to determine the sweetness of this one. You can even add a little more cranberry juice and less wine to scale back on the alcohol content. With Designs by Lolita, you're both the bartender and the guest. 
3. The Beach Life
beach life wine glass
1oz Bourbon
1oz Green Tea 
1oz Orange Juice
1/2oz Lemon Juice 
*Fill with white wine.
*Add sugar to taste.
The Beach Life is everything you dreamed it would be and more. It's exactly what retirement is for and it couldn't get any better. This drink is for the bourbon lovers out there that want a little kick and complexity from their evening beverage. The addition of orange juice gives it a slight Old-Fashioned spin, while green tea and lemon offer a completely different level of intrigue. Not interested in sugaring it up? Leave the extra frill behind completely.
Want to see more recipes? Explore the entire collection of Designs by Lolita in-store at Lewes Gifts or Bayside Gifts today!


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  • Michiko Seto