Why Do We Celebrate Christmas in July?

Christmas on the Beach
When it comes to holidays and celebrations, nothing seems quite as peculiar as Christmas in July. While fun, hanging decorations and spreading fake snow in the dead of summer just feels a bit strange and can leave us with some fairly large questions. 
What exactly is Christmas in July? Where did this whole thing start?
Well, according to Southern Living and Real Simple, the origin isn't actually linked to some greater, diabolical marketing plot. Christmas in July actually began in the south with a spirited group of campers!
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The fun all began back in 1933 at Keystone Camp, a camp for girls in North Carolina. Fannie Holt, one of the founders at Keystone came up with the seemingly bizarre idea. Fannie had a reputation for thinking outside-of-the-box and thought it would be exciting to sing carols, give each other gifts, and fill a tree with spectacular ornaments.
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People loved the novelty of the holiday, and, after the movie Christmas in July was released in the 1940s, the idea got even more attention. Down the line, people began purchasing more Christmas-based items during the hottest season of the year and even began having parties for it to spice up the summer. The rest is history! 
Now, it seems like just about everyone gets in on the merriment, pulling out their best Christmas gear in July. It has also become a wonderful time to get sale prices on holiday gifts and decorations for the real celebration in December. You can start marking off your checklist way ahead of the curve, and avoid seasonal madness closer to the date.
Take advantage of discounts to stock up on ornaments, hot chocolate sticks and bombs, Christmas cards, and other items you'll want months in the future! There's also no time like the present to get all of your presents. The more time there is to plan, the better and more heartfelt your gifts will likely be.
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