7 Amazing Little Last-Minute Kitchen Gifts

Need a last-minute gift for a friend or family member? No need to panic. Everyone has those unexpected special occasions from time to time, when there's little (or no) room to prepare. These little kitchen items make excellent gifts for housewarmings, holiday parties, thank-you's, and more. They are splendid on their own or can be grouped together for a great gift basket.
Here Are 7 Amazing Last Minute Kitchen Gifts: 
Krumbs Spatula
Krumbs is both crafty and cute. Their kitchen spatulas and basting brushes always say something cute or clever. This one that says "homemade with love and butter," is super relatable to almost anyone that's ever cooked with their grandmother. The best things are sweet sentiments and anything baked with butter.
Gourmet du Village Drinks
Gourmet du Village drink mixes are the ultimate hack to bringing the bar home with you. Surprise someone special (and 21+) in your life with a seemingly endless supply of margaritas, bloody Mary's, mojitos, and sangrias. There's a flavor for every preference and night of the week!
Mud Pie Tea Towel
Mud Pie has the kitchen supply market down to a science: Make items that are useful and also smile-producing. This kitchen towel, is not only large, absorbent, and great as a pot holder, but it is also blatantly honest and adorable. It says, "I'm going to chew up everything you own," and any dog lover would know this is the truth. It tugs at the heart strings with this funny message and has the beautiful image of a dog wearing glasses. How could you not love it?
4. Mud Pie Macaroni Dish
Mud Pie Mac N Cheese Dish
While all of the Mud Pie kitchen items are great, this macaroni dish has to be one of the best. With enough room to bake enough mac 'n cheese for any crowd, it could easily become a kitchen staple. It comes with a cheese grater attached to the top for adding the finest touches of quality cheese (ahem... Kerrygold cheddar). Along the side it says "mac 'n cheese... nothing grater," one of many puns you'll see on Mud Pie products.
Krumbs Oven Mitt
Krumbs oven mitts like this mint and blackberry one are helpful for every night of the week. Most people tend to cook or bake something every day. The Krumbs mitts are cute as can be, but they are also made of silicone! This is a huge perk. Most oven mitts get dirty very easily with time, so you have to machine wash them frequently. They also begin to wear down. The silicone just wipes clean. Get rid of that brownie mix all over the thumb in a minute and wipe away germs at the same time!
Real Housewives of DE Tea Towel
Tea towels are great because even if you aren't the biggest cook in the world, you'll still find ways to use them. They also come in so many wonderful colors and prints. This "real housewives of DE" tea towel is something that any reality TV watcher can appreciate. Featuring a classic painting of a woman holding a wine glass, your best girlfriend's will truly get a kick out of this one.
Michel Design Works Soap
Being in the kitchen calls for soap and not just dish soap. Michel Design Works soaps and lotions are great for anyone's kitchen. They are made with fine ingredients like shea butter and have fantastic fragrances. Because they come in such lovely packaging, they are also a notable gift. 
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  • Michiko Seto