6 Hilarious and Relatable Messages From Drinks on Me Coasters

Drinks on Me Coaster
Ever feel like you need a few good words of wisdom or inspirational push in the right direction...? Well, Drinks on Me Coasters are not that solution, but they are worthy of a good chuckle. These colorful little drink coasters feature hilarious sayings that will most likely bring a smile to your face, if not a gut-busting laugh. They are a fabulous conversation-starter, gift, and table-protecting tool you won't be able to get enough of. The more you explore, the more you'll want to collect!
Want to see some of our favorites? 
Here are our top 6 Drinks on Me Coasters:
1. "Anyone Getting to the Point Where It Would Be OK If Jolene Came and Took Your Man?"
Drinks on Me Coaster
Music fan, or not, just about everyone is familiar with the song "Jolene." And, just about everyone that has spent enough time with their spouse can relate! This Drinks on Me Coaster makes it to the top of our list for really hitting home and offering an immediate laugh. It is a wonderful gift for your girlfriends' birthdays, bachelorette parties, and more.
2. "Nothing Says, 'I Mean Business Like Using a Cart at the Liquor Store.'"
Drinks on Me Coaster
We'll admit it, sometimes you just need a drink, or multiple! There is also something very satisfying about rolling up with a cart to load. It tells the world, I'm here on a mission, and you're welcome to join me if you want. This coaster is perfect for the party person in your life.
3. "My Ability to Remember Song Lyrics From the 80s Far Exceeds My Ability to Remember Why I Walked Into the Kitchen."
Drinks on Me Coaster
Age does a number, but isn't it strange that of all the things you forget, you manage to remember some random lyric from a song popular years ago? Our minds hold on to the funniest things, and not always the most useful. We might not remember what we are doing in the moment, but we'll keep singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing," hoping it'll come back to us. 
4. "Me: Sometimes I Talk to Myself. Me: OMG Same."
Drinks on Me Coaster
This coaster reminds us that we are not alone (in more ways than one). Sometimes your best company is yourself, and it's pretty common, normal or not, to talk to yourself. Get this coaster for a friend that's a bit of a chatty Cathy, whether you're there or not.
5. "My Kid Is Turning Out Just Like Me, Well Played Karma, Well Played."
Drinks on Me Coaster
Kids are a blessing, until they're not... It should come as no surprise that history repeats itself and our children take after us.  Once you have one, you start to understand your own parents on an entirely new level. This coaster is a funny option for anyone that can relate to the craziness brought on by some mischievous kiddos.
6. "Me: This Show Is Boring. Boss: Again, This Is a Zoom Conference."
Drinks on Me Coaster
2021 makes this coaster more relatable than ever! When your couch becomes the conference room, you might feel yourself zoning out fairly often. Zoom conferences aren't nearly as thrilling as a trip to the big screen, but, chances are, that you're watching videos all day everyday. This coaster makes a great gift for a coworker, a family member starting a new job, or even a friend that's retiring.
While, we really do love these 6 Drinks on Me Coasters, there are tons to explore in-store. Come see them all in Lewes at Lewes Gifts or in Long Neck at Bayside Gifts today!

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  • Michiko Seto