6 Easy Summer Drinks for Any Occasion 

gourmet du village easy summer cocktail
Summer has begun, and let’s call it what it is… cocktail season!
Whether you’re hanging out by the pool, getting your grill on at a BBQ, or just socializing with a few close friends, there will be plenty of occasions for festive drinks. Cocktails bring the party to any night by inviting the flavors of the tropics into your glass and getting you to an island state of mind. While you might assume that cocktails are too complicated to have on the regular, this is just simply not the case anymore! Today, you don’t have to be a master bartender to bring the fun to your happy hour. Brands like Gourmet du Village have an excellent selection of drink mixes that make stirring up the fun easier than ever before!
Here are 6 Awesome (and Simple) Summer Drinks for Any Occasion:
1. Cranberry Prosecco 
gourmet du village cranberry prosecco
Fruity, bubbly, and oh-so flavorful! Cranberry prosecco is one of those drinks that brings it all to the table with little to no effort. Literally, all you need for this drink is one Gourmet du Village pack, some water, and some prosecco. Blend, and you’re good to go! You’ll start to wonder why you only stuck to cranberries around the holidays. Bursting with sweet juicy cranberry flavor, the prosecco transforms into something totally new and exciting! 
2. Sangria 
gourmet du village sangria
If you’ve ever made this favorite by scratch before, you know it can be quite the process. Cleaning fruit, chopping, soaking for hours… Well, the Gourmet du Village Sangria mix might be your new go-to. This summer drink is a classic revisited with a much simpler preparation. Take the mix and just add it to some wine. Then, top it off with a splash of soda water (maybe some fruit too if you’re feeling festive). While you can just make one serving, this recipe mix is designed to be fit for a crowd. Get the pitchers going, and party away!
3. Watermelon Mojito 
gourmet du village watermelon mojito
Watermelon is about as summery as it gets, so this Watermelon Mojito is almost a seasonal essential. Sweet and tropical, this cocktail gets its kick from a splash of rum. Just mix up a Gourmet du Village Watermelon Mojito mix with some rum and soda water. The flavors are a powerhouse blend worth making again and again. Expert tip: Try freezing some grapes and cut pieces of watermelon to use as ice to take this one to the next level (and keep the drink from getting too watered down).
4. Bloody Mary Caesar
gourmet du village bloody mary
This one is for those that like it salty as the sea. The Bloody Mary Caesar mix from Gourmet du Village is an absolute brunch-time blessing. Have friends and family over for eggs or waffles and enjoy the way every savory sip of this drink goes with breakfast favorites. Add the mix to some tomato juice, chill, then add vodka. Olives, pickles, and sprinkles of Old Bay or hot sauce are optional, but truly make this drink a summer staple. Also, if you’re watching your calories, the mix itself for this drink is only 4 calories! The flavor comes from sources like horseradish and lemon.
5. Moscow Mule 
gourmet du village moscow mule
Cranberries and spicy ginger blend go together better than one would even imagine to create this crafty cocktail. The pops of fruity flavor balance the heat from the ginger to give the drink a nice overall taste. All you need to do is mix up th eGourmet du Village Moscow Mule mix with water and vodka, and then add club soda. Serve it in a copper mug to get the full effect.
6. Margarita 
gourmet du village margarita
This list just simply wouldn’t be complete without a margarita, so, thankfully, Gourmet du Village has a great Margarita Mix. All of the zesty lime flavor is there, without all of the juicing and slicing! Mix up the packet with some water, and refrigerate. Then, when you’re ready, take it out and mix it with the triple sec, tequila, and ice! Want it blended? Get out the blender, and go for it! 
These summer drinks are almost a foolproof way to power-up the night and make the most of any occasion. To discover all of the Gourmet du Village drinks, swing by Lewes Gifts or Bayside Gifts and ask an in-store associate about their favorites!
Photo Cred: Pixabay and Gourmet du Village

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